CANTA issue #13, 2017


I had kind of been dreading the blind date for a while since there was a good chance that my date could’ve been at least someone I had already slept with. Or worse — one of my exes. Or even worse — someone I’d ignored on Tinder or Grindr. It’s a small community. I was totally getting ready to awkwardly excuse myself for not responding to the plethora of dick pics that my would-be date may have spammed me with — my (un) fortunate reality. Thankfully, the guy ended up being one of the only guys on this goddamn island that I had actually befriended. Talk about instant relief!

We instantly started spinning some fantastic yarns. I think we even talked for a solid half hour before even deciding to eat pizza. For those who know me, prolonging food to me is sacrilegious. It was a blast, he’s a totally great guy! Does well at uni, is well-travelled and multilingual, and has a great sense of humour. He definitely isn’t like most gay guys in Christchurch in that he actually has a brain and a personality. Talk about a great package, right?

Unfortunately for me and him, there was just nothing there. No spark, no romance. I didn’t feel the same desire for him as I do with Patrick Gower, y’know? It was just a bloody good yarn over great food. I’d be totally keen to be his mate, or even his wingman! I really did mean it when I said that I’d be keen to hang out again, but definitely as mates. I’m sorry I totally sideswiped you when you went for the kiss and I gave you a hug instead, and shot down all of your advances. Promise there are no harsh feelings, cheers for the yarns!

Cheers again for the mean kai!


I have to confess I was pretty nervous going into this. I did not know what to expect but figured if all went badly I would at least get a free dinner out of it. Went to Uni that day dressed up, with my favourite bomber jacket and make- up on point feeling myself. Could barely pay attention to my classes as I was very nervous for my blind date. No amount of my friends telling me it was going to be fine helped.

Arrived at Spag’s about 15mins earlier to try and hide my uni bag as I did not have time to go home in between uni and the date. Asked for a table for two and started chugging down some water to try and calm my nerves.

I heard: “Oh hey (my name) it’s you!” Was pleasantly surprised to find out my date was this cool guy I met from Tinder a long time ago, with our busy schedules we ended up growing apart and hadn’t talked for about a year I think? So catching up with him was great!

We spent 2.5 hours talking about a wild range of subjects from politics, to life achievements, to dating all that while sober AF. Was good to hear that he was doing well,as he had just moved back to New Zealand when I met him last, that was another thing we had in common since I have been in New Zealand for only a few years, nice to talk about the differences between countries, especially how gay culture is accepted around the world.

We ordered some amazing pizza and yeah overall it was a pretty good date. It went so quickly as well! We were debating whether to create a messy date story, or that we had a crazy fight but in the end I have decided to go with what actually happened. Folks at Qcanterbury are definitely good matchmakers.

Would definitely be open to meet again, let’s see if we can get our shit together with our schedules this time haha.

Thanks QCanterbury and Canta for this cool opportunity! I had a lot of fun and was great to do something outside the ordinary for the week.

Cheers 🙂

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