Where did you go wendy's?

By Liam Stretch (he/him)

Today, most people will know Wendy’s as the American fast-food joint – selling burgers, loaded fries, and frosties. But I can remember a time when going to Wendy’s meant ice cream. 

Wendy’s Supa Sundaes – which became Shake Shed Co. in New Zealand due to a bitter legal stoush between the majority franchise owner and the parent company – went into receivership last year. With it went a legacy of some of the best ice creams in the business.  

I am, of course, talking about the Monster, Teddy Bear, Dinky Duck, and Clown. 

It was an absolute treat when Mum – usually Dad – would take my siblings or me to get a Wendy’s ice cream, and I already had in my mind what I would get – this was a Dinky Duck. I’m sure some of you are Monster stans, and I respect you for that. I’m just going to ignore those who got the Teddy Bear or the Clown – I bet you think sweet chilli sauce is spicy. 

The reasons the dinky duck scores above every other cream freeze option are pink sherbet and its beak. The beak, which I assume was white chocolate shaped like a shell, was perfectly complementary to the tingly pink sherbet. It also provided a bit more sustenance than that of the Monster – the green sherbet on this was arguably better than the Dinky Duck, but the gummy lollies were not as satisfying as the chocolate. 

On the topic of sherbet, I must add that an honourable mention is the sherbet cone with a flake. This definitely has the same perks as the Dinky Duck. Chocolate and sherbet just seem to work.  

Wendy’s also created another iconic duo that really shouldn’t have worked but did: shake and dog. You may remember that ad with the shaking chihuahua? Anyway, Wendy’s idea was to serve up a rather delicious milkshake with a very average American hot dog. It was so great because you drunk more of your milkshake to wash away the extremely cheap hotdog and dry as heck bun. No matter how average that dog was, I really want one right about now.  

So, here’s to you, Wendy’s. I miss you; I hope you are well.