CANTA’S University Survival Guide is the best online resource a student could ever need, and is possibly the most comprehensive work CANTA has ever featured!

Below you will find guides, tips, tricks, and step-by-step instructions for just about every possible scenario a student could face, inside the lecture hall and out.

So sit back and read at your leisurely pace, or come here when you’re in an emergency and need some urgent help. CANTA’s survival guide will help you get the most out of your years spent getting mentally and physically drained at University!

By Liam Donnelly

How to Avoid Freshers
How to Avoid Losing Things at a Gig
How to Blend in at UC
How to Convince Bouncers You Are Sober
How to Cope With The Aftermath of Screwing The Crew
How to Create a Last Minute Mardi Gras Costume
How to Cure a Hangover
How to Deal With a Bad Kisser
How to Deal With an Irate Neighbour
How to Ditch a Weirdo
How to Escape a Fight
How to Escape a Mosh Pit
How to Find a Cheap Feed
How to Flirt
How to Get Someone to Come Back to Your House
How to Get Your Bond Back
How to Make Some Fast Cash
How to Make Your Shit Room Look Flash
How to Not be a Dick at a Concert
How to Not Get Busted With Booze in Your Room
How to Skateboard Without Bailing
How to Strategically Intervene if Your Friend is About to Make a Huge Mistake
How to Survive a Burglary
How to Survive Class When Hungover
How to Survive on no Sleep
How to Survive the Walk of Shame
How to Survive Waking up Next to Someone You Don't Remember
How to Survive Your First Week of University
How to Talk Shit
How to Vomit Correctly