Interview with The Thundmentals

As one of the biggest event of the year – Tea Party – is taking place on Saturday, I had a chance to catch up with Jesse from Thundamentals to learn a bit about the band and to begin getting excited for the big day. The band have had a hugely successful career so far with their newest album ‘I Love Songs’ has been adored by critics and fans alike. Their title track has been certified Gold in Australia reaching number 2 in the ARIA charts. The boys are flying to New Zealand especially for Tea Party, so that’s pretty cool. Have a lil look at our conversation down below:

Hey, how’s it going, thanks for talking with us. We are beyond excited to have you guys at tea party this year, it’s the last big event of the uni calendar, what can our students expect to see from you guys?

  • Hey, we pride ourselves on our live shows, we wanna give you mad energy and positive vibes to dance along to. The people in the crowd give us energy so this is gonna be a good one. We’re also super excited to come back to NZ, the place is lush, the people are great and we wanna bring the vibe to the party.

I bloody love your style, since discovering your band through the opportunity to interview you I’ve been listening loads. I am from the UK so kinda living under a rock when It comes to pop music around here… where does it come from?

  • The 3 of us in the band are from the Blue Mountains, a beautiful little rural area just out of Sydney. It was a lot cheaper to live so the place is full of artists who couldn’t afford the city life in Sydney. Their parents were all a part of this artsy movement meaning their generation created an alternative culture focusing on art and music. It was a really unique and cool community! We were all encouraged to be creative in whatever way we wanted, to explore our passions and follow dreams. This is how we started, and it just grew from there. The community has created some great music acts with pop and has a good hip-hop scene too. Although we like to be more than just the stereotype of hip-hop and really focus on the music, we like to lift peoples spirits. Our grounding was diverse and protective, so we care lots more about the love than the money. We wanna give everyone a good time.

Your last album released in 2018 and was v. popular with critics and fans alike. We’re excited to see it live. Is it still as exciting now as ever? Considering you have been doing this for over 10 years.

  • yeah, its still a big thrill. The music scene is so big in Australia and its still growing fast so its really cool to hear your song on the radio. We can’t take these things for granted. We were putting out music for around 7 years before they got their ‘big break’ – we were getting our name on the hip-hop scene but not on a national level. Achieving this quite late made us really appreciate the fact we could it full time. We’ve had a solid fan base who have been there since the beginning – we have fans aged from 12 to 60 and that’s lovely. They been here since the beginning and we love that. We’re so appreciative of our fan base as they got us here. Its been an organic growth and its so nice that we’ve been able to build it up. We weren’t sure if we’d ever make it past the underground music scene.

Dude, that’s so lovely to hear that, as fans we love to see you grow, we get so proud when our fave bands get their big break!!

  • For the most part, they’ve been so supportive and great with us. You get a few that liked us when we were small and are like ‘oh they’re big now, I don’t like them anymore.’ That sucks but that’s not the kind of fan we want.

What are your plans for the future then?

  • We have some independent projects coming out as well as more as the band. Next year you’ll see solo music from myself and Tuka. Just gonna keep the ball rolling, tour and make music. We’d love to come back to New Zealand soon properly too. We’re just here for Tea Party this time around.

Our parties are quite wild here at UC, sure you can handle it?

  • Live shows are our fave as I’ve said! We bring the energy every time, we vibe off the crowd and you guys sound like you’ve got it!

Finally, do you have one song that we should deffo listen to before Saturday?

  • Sally – its probably our most popular hit. Also, you should check out ‘Smiles Don’t lie’ it’s a love song, a nice little ballad. We’ve had people get on stage and propose before this song so if you’re planning on proposing at Tea Party, wait for this tune!

The show promises to be a good one so make sure you stick around for Thundamentals! Can’t wait to see you all there.

Interview By: Robyn Walford