The Greatest Comeback of All Time

Sports fans have been mostly left to themselves so far this season; there hasn’t been anything for sports fans to even bat an eyelid at. COVID-19 and how it has caused an absence of sports has made a lot of sports fans want to curl over and cry. If you ask a fan of the National Football League, they might view the term “Fire Goodell” as a historical phrase they used to unleash anger at the destruction of their favourite sports league, but rest assured, the sports world will be known as the greatest comeback of all time.  

Look on the bright side of all of this, though. Sports fans have never seen a situation where they’re able to look forward to all four North American major sports leagues potentially playing at the same time. With the NHL setting down how it plans to return and rumours circulating about the NBA going to Disneyland to finish their season, the hype is real. Sports fan will, once again, have the freedom to yell and scream at their tv. The whole world is going to see why sports is the greatest exercise of freedom we have as people. What is more valuable than having the freedom to yell at Tom Brady for being trash or Jim Boylen for being a useless Head Coach to the Chicago Bulls?  

But no matter what teams we support in the world, we can all come together to agree on at least a couple of things. The eventual return of sports will allow us to live with a little more freedom. No matter who wins the championship this year, we’ll be able to have it again next year, and for the rest of time, because sports grant us that freedom as loyal fans. Stay classy. 

By Rani Hammond