CANTA issue #13, 2017

My flatmate is worried that I’m *that* kind of feminist. How should I respond?

There are many different types of feminist; A cultural feminist which concerns itself with masculine/ feminine behaviour in society. A socialist feminism which focuses on capitalism, and men having more power and money than women. An eco-feminist focusing on the environment, that the domination of women stem from the same ideologies as the domination of the environment. I could go on, but the one that leaves a general distaste in the mouths of others and the type where “that feminist” comes from, an extreme radical feminist. It’s the idea that sexism is so deep in our society that we have to uproot the entire system and start again.

Extreme radical feminism is shown the most in media because it’s so intense. People find it entertaining (trust me, wage talks are long and can drone on) and that’s what why we now link feminism to the extreme radical feminism. But that is not the only type we have, feminism at it’s  core is equality and as long as you believe in that then you are a feminist. Show your flatmate the world of different types of feminist, show them the everyday feminist, not just those on YouTube. It may turn out that your flatmate is a feminist too.

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