The Scoop about the scoops

By Neueli Mauafu (he/him)

There is nothing more satisfying than a good old scoop of hot chips from your local Fish and Chip joint. Lucky enough for us, Christchurch is the home of probably some of the best spots in New Zealand (feel free to argue with me). If you are a bit sceptical still on where to score yourself some greasy goodness around Ōtautahi, here is the inside scoop on my three go-to fish and chips gems. 


  • 4 Rountree Street, Upper Riccarton 
  • Phone: 348 7076 

You can’t go wrong with the good old Captain. Situated on the corner of Rountree Street and Ilam Road, Captain Ben’s has been dubbed as a home away from home for many students. Its direct location makes it an easy walk from campus after a long day of classes. There are many times I have resulted to Captain Ben’s for a quick feed after being generally confused in a lecture. Captain Ben’s has your normal fish and chips menu – ranging from the basic picks such as fish, hot dogs, burgers, and chips. On the flip side, if you’re in the feeling for something extravagant, they also have hot dishes such as sweet and sour, stir fry, fried rice, and other tasty options.   

MUST HAVE: chicken burger combo (one chicken burger, one scoop of chips, and a drink).   

The chicken portion is incredibly massive, as it hangs out of the buns as you manoeuvre around eating it. Always make sure to buy extra tomato sauces and mayonnaise sachets that are placed on the counter. If you’re lucky enough, they’ll give it to you for free! 

Make sure to open the paper that wraps the fries from the top and use it as ventilation to blow for cooling. 


  • 315 Pages Road, Aranui 
  • Phone: 382 9173 

You can’t talk about fish and chips without giving the eastern suburbs of Christchurch a mention. It is home to some quality hidden gems, including this iconic place Big Gary’s – not to be confused with the Riccarton one. Nestled in the deep ends of Aranui, Big Gary’s has become a household name within the suburb and area. Locals of the iconic place share so many stories and memories of growing up with Big Gary’s. With its reputation and the name it has made for itself, the food quality also has the goods to back it up. If you have some time on an afternoon, take a wee drive down to Aranui and see for yourself. 

MUST HAVE: Hotdog, A.K.A ‘The Big Dog’  

Big Gary’s excels in many sections of the fish and chips game, but the big dog is the real crowd-pleaser. What separates their hotdog from others is the batter they use to wrap the sausage. It reeks of grease and oil, but man, does it satisfy your soul. The portion and sizes of these hotdogs are huge, making sure that you are well satisfied with all that goodness – hands down, the best hotdogs in all of Christchurch and maybe even New Zealand. Make sure to order yourself one with some chips on the side to accompany your meal.  


  • 22 Mcgregors Road, Bromley
  • Phone: 389 6070  

Wrapping up our list is the amazing Mc’Gregors Fish and Chips in Bromley. There is a debate amongst locals in the east as to who is on top between Mc’Gregors and Big Garys. Both have their own unique styles and approaches to their menus. Big Garys has the hotdogs, but Mcgregors is the place to be for chicken nibbles.  

MUST HAVE: chicken nibbles 

These are hands down the best chicken nibbles in the history of chicken nibbles. The go-to order must be a dozen or maybe even a half of nibbles with chicken salt, and never forgetting your side of chips. The balance between the chicken and the golden batter is truly impeccable. A lot of other places tend to overdo the batter resulting in a soggy chicken piece with too much salt. If you go to Mc’Gregors, they make their chicken nibbles so good; it puts KFC to shame with their recipes. So next time you’re after some nuggets or chicken wings, give Mc’Gregors a call. They’ll sort you out with their mouthwatering poultry.