Post-nut clarity: It ain't clear to me

By Ella Gibson (she/her)

A phenomenon that has always been a grey spot for me as a cisgender female has been Post-Nut Clarity. I don’t get it. How do guys simply nut and then have an existential crisis? Suppose you are like me a year ago and didn’t know that this thing actually most definitely exists. In that case, Urban Dictionary (UD) describes it as “the feeling of lucidity a man gets after he has been beating it – this feeling gets worse with the weirder shit a man has been jerking off to.” Or the third top definition that UD gives, which is quite frank, is “the immediate clear mindedness or soberness an individual gains after orgasming (busting a nut).” 

Post-Nut Clarity was originally coined by the Call Me Daddy podcast created by Alexandra Cooper in 2019. Cisgender females experience somewhat of a relief after orgasming after finally being able to tickle the urge, yet not to the extent of this life and death scenario that cisgender males engage in. Unfortunately, I was first introduced to this concept by Joe Rogan, not ideal. On Rogan’s channel, there’s a clip of him and his guest Andrew Schulz explaining Post-Nut Clarity. Schulz explains that “I don’t know if I like you until I cum.” Maybe that’s just him, but it’s a scary thought for the receiving end of the stick (no pun intended).   

So is there any physiological evidence backing up PNC? There hasn’t been any specific research done on PNC. However, it is suspected that because the emotional centre of our brains, the limbic system, is highly activated before, during, and after sex, encouraging an excess of hormones and neurotransmitters to rage throughout your body, that when your body finally achieves that oh so desperately craved dopamine and endorphin rush your mind is clear so that it can think about alternative activities. Hence, clarity post-nut.  

Anyway, I thought it would be a brilliant idea to ask my male comrades in my life about PNC. As promised, it is all anonymous. So below, I behold descriptions of PNC from a guy’s perspective that attempt to make the female audience understand the mysterious spectacle. 

“It’s like jumping into a cold pool on a hot day. You feel the heat and suddenly a wave of euphoria and calmness. That’s basically what happens in your head; all that stress or thoughts that you had suddenly dissipated. Or like the moment you get over your ex. That clarity doesn’t last that long, though.  

The eudaemonia and mental clarity achieved after busting a fat nut; euphoric. Now less horny, but not for long.  

Post Nut Clarity can only be described as a terrible hangover. It is a shock and disgust about the decision you made while you were at your horniest. An example: I was seeing a girl who loved not only dick pics but masturbation videos. She really wanted to see me cum on camera. PNC got in the way every single time. I would record the explosion only for PNC to demand that I delete the video immediately. It then scolded me for being such a dirty horn-dog in the first place. The poor girl never received a single recording. Call it the PNC paradox.” 

When you know you fucked up.” 

Ok, so it’s kinda like a mix of walking out of a cinema while it’s still sunny, plus the feeling of not finding something in the fridge then all of a sudden you realise it’s right in front of you, plus looking at something ages then putting your glasses on.”  

I think sex and specifically nutting for males is like the most crucial step from evolution’s perspective. There’s lots of other stuff like surviving and parental care, but it all sort of comes before or after that moment. Your deepest instinct always has this secondary goal of nutting, no matter what else is going on. That’s why it’s called “le petit mort” in French – the little death. The slight fading of consciousness and existence. For a brief moment, everything is quiet all the way to the core because that temporary purpose placed there by evolution is fulfilled. For a second, you have no purpose in life and no goal, and it feels like peace – that’s why people call it “clarity”. 

It’s like when you’re drunk, and you demo a metric tonne of meat on chips only to wake up covered in sauce thinking, “Wow, that was very marginal”.” 

Post Nut Clarity is basically that feeling you get when you haven’t eaten all day, and then you finally smash back a Zinger Box. When you’re absolutely starving, you couldn’t care less what you’re shoving in your mouth. It’s only when you’re full that you can take a step back and see if that was worth it.”