UCSA Executive Meeting - 9th March 2020

The UCSA Exec meets fortnightly to discuss its activities. Meeting minutes (and other documents) are available on the UCSA website. Grants and funds approved or declined to clubs and students during the meeting are also available there.

Issues discussed at this meeting included:

  • Loaning a charger scheme: The UCSA intends to hold a collection of phone and laptop chargers available for student use. Discussion centered on adding chargers that have been left for more than 3 months at UC Security Lost and Found to the collection.
  • Student safety: Extra security will be provided at Mono for some time following recent issues. Exploration of options to support students after events; encouraging students to support each other, or to seek support from UC Security. Discussion of options UCSA could use to prevent sexual assault.
  • Mono: With assignments coming up, Mono will get less busy, relieving the strain on the toilets.
  • Sustainability Policy: Working Group seeking advice from the UC Sustainability Office on new policy. The proposed policy aligns better with strategic plan than current policy.
  • Social media messaging will occur regarding harassment, bullying and COVID-19.
  • Development and use of Rutherford roof as a student space has currently stalled from the UC side.
  • COVID-19: Working with UC on a response.
  • Awaiting Health and Safety reports from O-Week.
  • Drug testing: Exec members are interested in whether those reports may provide evidence to support drug testing at future events.
  • Exploring options for better support for students seeking UCSA Dental Services at the beginning of the year before Studylink kicks in.
  • Expanding UCSA (and affiliates) communication beyond Facebook, particularly for international students.
  • Engagement: Providing students with more insight into what the UCSA does behind the scenes.
  • Early discussion of the UCSA’s involvement in the general election (Author’s Note: It’s September 19! Register to vote now!!!).
  • The Chief Executive’s report: O-Week was successful and the UCSA’s financials are in strong shape.

Policies approved:

  • Code of Ethics Policy. Notably, it sets the gift limit to $200.
  • CANTA Editorial Policy and Editorial Board Terms of Reference, subject to a bi-cultural policy being set.UCSA