What Librarians wish you knew

By Ella Somers

Regardless of if you’ve just started your studies or have been at university for what feels like ten thousand years, the services available for students through the UC libraries are here to make your study less stressful. To save you learning the hard way about which library services will help both your stress levels and your grades, Ella Somers talked to Rā Steer, Kaiwhakahaere Taonga Tuku Iho, Manager at the Macmillan Brown Library about whaUC Librarians want students to know. 

First things first, Rā said it was important that “students know there are three libraries on campus for different things.” These libraries are the Central Library in the Puaka – James Hight building, the Macmillan Brown Library and the Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPS) Library. All three help students navigate “the different collections for your colleges and what you’re after,” Rā said. 

The main library service that Rā thinks students at UC should know about is just knowing there’s a subject specialist for each area and college,” Rā said. A subject librarian can save you so much time especially with your referencing. Use the online booking system available on the ‘subject librarian’ page on the UC website to book an appointmentSubject guides, (which can be accessed easily from the frontpage of the UC Library website), will also save you lots of time, Rā said, because they’ve got “everything that you need specifically for all your different assignments or areas.”

Students should also make use of AskLIVE, which is UC Library’s instant messaging serviceStudents can reference straight away onto that,”  said, with students just needing to write what they need help with and copy and pasting in any necessary information or reference that they’re looking for guidance on. “Isomeone’s had last minute thing due and couldn’t book in with a subject librarianchuck the query onto AskLIVE, Rā said.  

The cost of course textbooks can add up quickly and painfully, but “if you can’t buy all your books, your books will be in the high demand area,”  saidUC’s two high demand areacan be located at the Central Library and the EPS Library and are a great resource to help bring textbook costs down. Just keep an eye on the loan times as high demand loans can be only a few days or hours long! 

For better or worse, it’s very likely you’ll run into a group project or two during your time at universityTo make it a smoother work process, Rā said students should know that all three libraries have discussion rooms available to students. Book through the library’s online system which can be found on the ‘room bookings’ page on UC’s website. 

To get away from the study pressures, students can check out Makerspace over in the Central Library in Puaka – James Hight building on Level 2. “You can learn 3D printing, sewing or a whole bunch of fun stuff if you want a break from study,  said.