Jax Hamilton

Interview By Liam Stretch (he/him)

Jax Hamilton is an all-round fabulous human being. Coming to fame via MasterChef New Zealand, Jax also took to our screens as a representative for Progressive Foods and she has also been a best-selling cookbook author. Liam Stretch had a quick chat to the icon. 

For those aloof, who are you? 

I am Iron (wo)Man!  

If you were to have 2-minute noodles, what flavour would you have? 

The spicier the better. 

Have you been able to go near macarons since ‘the incident’?* 

I still have a box kidnapped under my bed, awaiting ransom. Along with tofu and a few jars of marmite. 

Where’s your favourite spot to eat? 

Outside, by the ocean, alone. 

Guilty food pleasures? Do you have them? What are they?  

Popcorn popped in bacon fat. A platter of cheese and crackers, without the crackers. Any seasonal vegetable.  

Who has inspired you in food?  

My auntie Monica, who would cook, tell stories and dance at the same time.  She was such an entertainer.  The food was all the better because of her yarns.  

Who has inspired you in life?  

Anyone who has risen and achieved their dreams regardless of adversity.  Or all who have continued to shine despite the majority trying to dim their light. Maya Angelou, Nina Simone, Dave Chappell. Muhammed Ali, Edward Lear, Chadwick Boseman, Cormac McCarthy. 

 If you’re feeling down, what do you eat?  

Bread dunked in Cental Otago, Pinot Noir. 

What’s one thing all students should be eating?  

Plenty of vegetables, seasonal where possible. There’s no reason why every student doesn’t have a small herb garden, tub, or pot. Instant flavour. 

Do you believe the myths about food aphrodisiacs?  

Fancy sharing a platter of oysters, figs, strawberries, watermelon, artichokes, chocolate, and red ginseng, all for qualitative purposes of course? Then we can dispel the myths together.  

Where can we see more of you?  

Jax Food Hax on Tik Tok, I have 2.1 million audience and loads of funny, entertaining, inspiring foodie content. Plus, I’m the Food Editor of Avenues Magazine.   

Tomato sauce or ketchup? 

I don’t speak ‘condiment’. 

*The ‘incident’ is the final of MasterChef New Zealand where Jax’s macaron tower fell down.