CANTA Issue #4, 2017

Flatting is a tricky sitch. I’ve written up (you’re welcome) five tips on how to make your first year of flatting easy peasy!

5. Set a roster. STAT.

Even if you live with people who like to insist they’re not picky and don’t mind the house being a mess, they probably mind a little bit. Create an alternating roster, write it up somewhere visible. So when Lucy forgets to take the rubbish out for the week you have a flat member you can roast until the job gets done. Easy!

4. Get some tolerance into yo system!

Pick and choose your battles. If you want the channel on Bravo but Jim insists on TV3 don’t kick up a fuss about it. Life is too short to argue about silly things, bad blood between flatmates is ten times more awkward than regular friends because they’re around literally all the time.

3. Do your part!

No one likes to do the dishes, or scrub the toilet, or vacuum. Those aren’t enjoyable things to do. But something you can do to get over the nuisance that is chores? Look at it on the grand scale of a whole year of tenancy!  How long does it take to clean up after yourself in comparison to the amount of time you spend on the couch?

2. Care about one another.

Something that tends to rip friendships apart is a lack of communication. Just like a relationship, a flat bond should be something that flourishes into a beautiful flower! You need to put in time and effort and make sure you’re driving down a two way street. Simple things include letting your flatties know when your friends are coming round, trying not to cause too much havoc around exam time, and being considerate. People like to respect people who respect them, so make sure you keep them in the loop with what the happs is.

1. Have a sh*tload of fun!

What’s the point of flatting if you don’t enjoy the whole journey? Our time in university is a time we gotta make the most of! Adulthood ain’t got nothing on all the good times you’ll have during the duration of your degree. Pick a day a fortnight to hang out and do something fun between you. Focus on the good things in the flat and you’ll have a bunch of happy flatties you’re stoked to live with all the way through to the end of your degree, as well as some lifelong friends!

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