Heart beats

By Neueli Mauafu (he/him)

Whether it’s the tunes that tingle your love senses or the jams that make you jump in bed with joy, music has always been a factor at the forefront of the game of love.  

Love itself is broad and can be analysed through its many finer details and perspectives. This varies from the early stages of dating/courting through to the blossoming of the flower of romance. Or, in other cases, the quick plot of having a hook up in the heat of lust and sex.   

This article lends focus to love in the form of those one-night stands and steamy sex sessions alongside their musical counterparts. 

Music plays a key role in the evolution of human beings. Lullabies that we hear as children become staple sounds deep in our memory that can bring up emotion when revisited later in life. Songs we hear on special occasions – weddings, birthdays, traditions – all create emotional, and sometimes physical, responses. Regardless of who you are, there always must be a small piece of your brain that holds a lease for music. 

The same appears to be evident with sex, and I constructed a quick survey online and distributed it to a few of my close peers to see their different takes on music and its role in intercourse. 


1) Do you prefer music playing in the background whilst you make love?  

  • A) It’s a must: 33% 
  • B) Nope, but I wouldn’t mind it: 67% 
  • C) A BIG FAT NO: 0% 
  • 2) Say you do enjoy some tunes while having a root; what might be your reasons for playing it? 
  • A) Sets the mood: 83% 
  • B) Keeps you in sync with your moves in bed: 17% 
  • C) Hides the fact that you’re underperforming in bed: 0% 
  • 3) What genre of music would you prefer in bed? 
  • RNB: 100% 
  • 4) Would you ever date someone due to their music preference? 
  • A) Yes: 67%
  • B) No: 33%  

A Critical Analysis:

With the first two questions, it was just a set-up to see if music did at some point cross their minds when in the act of sex. For question one, there was a majority vote on the second option, on not minding the idea of music whilst making love. It had proven the fact that music does at least affect any individual regardless of who they are. If it hadn’t crossed their mind initially, they’re still excited by the notion of music alongside sex. 

Sex and music connect in a passionate way, in which both aspects complement each other. It creates a setting of love and affection within the bedroom, as portrayed in the second question. The majority of the voting swayed on the first option. Music is enjoyed with sex because it sets the mood/vibe. Understanding this makes it clear that music has a way of synchronising emotion and love all in one go.  

My last two questions were more of a personal take to find out the inner secrets of tracks preferred by the chosen participants. The most common genre was RnB. Commonly known as Rhythm and Blues, it is a combination of soft percussion with soothing vocals on top. It isn’t a question as to why RnB is a big playmaker within music and sex – the beats and vocals give so much stimulation to lovers who are relishing in fiery temptations.  

Now, if you’re reading this right now and thinking, how is this article going to help me at all? The answer is up to you and your interpretation. 

Sex is really meant for trying new things and exploring your world of fantasies. So next time you get busy, maybe have a go through that Spotify playlist and find some sexy tunes. Marvin Gaye?