Fresher Fashion

By Lily Mirfin

I never got my leavers hoodie. Which was a fantastic decision from 18 year old me. My time as a fresher is now a distant memory. I started uni as a slightly older student after taking a gap year so it already didn’t quite fit for me to wear the usual fresher clothes. My dream of no longer wearing a school uniform had come true. I could finally wear my hair down and get more than one piercing in each ear. There were no ties in sight and not a single pair of clarks T-bar shoes. Somehow, the novelty never quite wore off about getting to wear my own clothes. But, for some of you young freshers the choices must clearly be too great. Simply because you all seem to dress exactly the same. Your first day of uni has arrived and you realise that you are dressed like every other first year in sight. Shorts or leggings, a leavers hoodie and sneakers. You original thing you. The pages of vogue will just have to wait until you have officially found yourself. 

If you want to avoid dressing like the obvious clueless fresher please for the love of god refrain from wearing your leavers hoodie. Believe it or not no one is going to care where you went to school. It will be pretty clear from the look of slightly jaded optimism on your face that you graduated high school in 2020. You don’t need to wear a hoodie to advertise it. Wearing one of these giant signs of freshmanhood makes you an obvious target for the groups that walk around campus getting you to sign up for their club. Just a note, those free jandals aren’t quite free. Leave the leavers hoodie behind in the past, or simply on private grounds. 

Boys, you are now allowed to have your hair longer than your collar. This can only mean one thing. It’s time for a mullet. The last time a boy surprised me, he had cut his hair into a mullet. Was I surprised? Yes. Was I pleased? Absolutely not. But that was my opinion and if you are drawn to the majestic Billy Ray Cyrus party in the back then go for it. Who am I to stand in your way? The mullet is a true specialty preserved by South Island universities. Wear it with pride. Few people will care what you wear or what you look like. If they do they clearly don’t have enough going on in their lives.  

Your very first week means that you have the honour of creating your first toga. So precious, what a wholesome memory. Until you realise that your sheets need to last you the entire year in halls, and that vodka cruiser stain doesn’t come out after one rinse in the communal hall sink. Let me slip in another life lesson really quick. Wonder soap is a God send. If student life handed out bars of wonder soap I would have given them my phone number. Get a bar of this and then you can spill as much Nitro on your sheets and clothes as you want. But if wonder soap fails turn to the most trust worth source of information, your parents. Or google. Maybe try Google first it’s not quite as embarrassing as admitting you got messy at a toga party. 

If you take one thing away from this article it’s that branching out is important. You’re not supposed to be the same person you left high school as. You’re going to grow and mature and just generally come into yourself. Wear whatever you want. Cut and dye your hair. Pierce something regrettable. It’s all part of the journey and part of the experience. 

From the not-so-wise third year who never bothered to get a leavers hoodie.