What they dont teach you

By Neueli Mauafu (he/him)

Finished your degree? Stuck in the mud, trying to figure out what to do now? Need money to pay your debts? Look no further. 

After four long and stressful years, I can finally say I am officially a graduate of university! So many memories flood back of the mishaps and shenanigans I got caught up in over my run on campus grounds: The endless stress breakouts from assignments, hangover attendance of lectures/tutorials, the afternoon feed at good old Captain Bens, and many other nostalgic lingering memories. The lightspeed of my time here on campus made me forget about life after finishing uni. I was so caught up in rushing to finish, causing me to be stuck in a total brain-dead moment of, ‘Where to now?’ 

If there is one lesson I may have learnt along the journey, it is to always – ALWAYS – be prepared. My level of preparation seemed to have failed with accepting the fact that it was time to step into the real world. Or had it? Fortunately for me, there were a couple of resources I was able to access to navigate me into the so-called ‘adulthood’ stage of life.  

UC Careers 

Okay, let me be honest; nobody really thinks of visiting UC Careers during their first years on campus, sorry guys. You are so caught up in the hysteria of being a fresher that securing an appointment for your career is just straight trash. Let me give you this advice, though, book that appointment ASAP, and maybe not just once but a few more times over your academic journey. UC Careers deliver so much more than just your usual yarn regarding a future career.  

The team holds one on one sessions regarding what path you’re interested in pursuing. The sessions include resources that allow you to seek out jobs both online and in person. If you have questions or confusion about what path to take, the dedicated team at UC Careers are on hand to deal with your complications. Workshops are also held throughout the year on how to modify your CV (Curriculum Vitae) to the masterpiece it is destined to be. Simple yet important details that you might have missed can be ironed out by UC Careers. 

Online Job Search Engines 

They say that the internet is your best friend whenever you need a solution to a problem. Luckily enough, the internet can be your guide to your dream job in the future. Online websites or job-hunting pages become a necessity to anyone finding their feet in the employment world. The ideal tool that these online job websites have is the ability to filter or modify the search engine to your own liking/needs.   

Creating a profile on such pages gives employers the chance to have a view of your progress in your CV attached online. Having a profile also keeps you updated on jobs being posted around you and with progress on your own search for your career. Some of my favourite pages include   


Having no idea what your next move looks like can be truly frustrating, especially after slaving your butt off for a valid piece of paper for 3+ years. Do not worry, though. Sit back, pause, and relax. Let the process do its thing while you sit back and embrace it. Keep in mind that if you have overcome your academic journey, you are now stronger than ever to conquer life on its next stage. Remember, though, take a breather, and enjoy the accolades! You have officially graduated.