Maddi’s Tofu Scramble Delightful Dish


Tofu (idk how much, whatever ur heart desires)





Red onion

Anything else u want 

Spices (turmeric is essential, cumin & smoked paprika work great, but can do whatever u want)

Nutritional yeast (optional)


  1. Splash of oil, fry up ur garlic and mushrooms until they are lightly golden
  2. Roughly Chop up tofu into small bits and throw in the pan,continuing to mush it up as u stir (heat on about 6-7)
  3. Add turmeric and other spices and S A L T  and cook for a few minutes 
  4. Chop tomatoes and add them and lower heat to like 5ish and keep cooking, taste and adjust spices till its yom 
  5. Idk how long u cook it for actually haha, it doesn’t really matter that much but at least 10 mins or so until all the flavour is soaked up
  6. I add spinach and red onion at the end so it stays Nice n crunchy 
  7. Serve and garnish! Add more salt n pepper! 
  8. Also really tasty served on kumara toast, just cut a 1-2 inch slice of kumara and cook it in oven/air fryer/toaster and top with guac or relish or something nice xx