Danni Duncan

Interview By Liam Stretch

For this fashion issue, we thought we’d mix up the comedian feature and instead focus on someone in the fashion world. Meet Danni Duncan, an ethical fashion and honest skincare content creator. Liam Stretch had a chat with her about advocating for fair fashion and her tips and tricks for looking good. 

Who are you?

Hello! I am a 31-year-old content creator who doesn’t own her own home, doesn’t have any children but is enjoying pursuing the businesswoman path for the foreseeable future.  

What does fair fashion mean?

How long do we have? Fair fashion incorporates so many different aspects, from how much a garment worker is valued to who is being included in a brand’s size range. The industry is flawed in so many ways and is actually incredibly complex, but I’m doing my best to grow my understanding and pass that knowledge on to the people who follow me on Instagram.  

What are your fashion must-haves?

As long as you’re feeling good in what you wear and have a chance to explore your own individual style, then must-haves change from person to person. I try not to get sucked into trends because it only leaves me feeling like I can’t keep up. I’m a thrift lover – with a special appreciation for wide-leg or flared pants.  

What’s one skincare product that everybody should have?

SUNSCREEN! Literally wear it every single day, rain, hail or shine. Sunscreen is your biggest protector against signs of ageing (and trust me on that because I have got wrinkles in the places I was most burnt as a teen!) 

What is the biggest problem with fast fashion? 

It’s all about making money quick, easy and fast, and to do that, they cut corners where possible. Not paying garment workers what they deserve, using cheap fabrics that aren’t built to last and ripping off small designers. 

You live in Napier now; what do you love about Hawkes Bay?

We have brilliant blue skies the majority of the time, and it is so much warmer. I love it 

What is one thing you’ve learnt while being an influencer?

Some people suck. I’m a bit of a people pleaser, and while I do my best to use my account for an authentic purpose and passion, I still get dickheads that message me without taking the time to get context before they lash out. It’s definitely not been great for my anxiety levels.  

How did your journey for fighting for fairness begin?

I was very much a trend-driven buyer and always felt like I didn’t have enough. Every changing season I remember feeling anxious that I didn’t have the right clothes. In 2018, I watched The True Cost documentary, which tells the story of the Rana Plaza building collapse and explains the impact the fashion industry has on our planet and the people in it. From there, I decided to quit fast fashion cold turkey and focus on developing my own style. 

Do you prefer your spring rolls fresh or fried?

Fried food always tastes better haha! 

What is a fashion trend that you hated/hate? 

Anything where your bits can easily pop out, hahaha. It’s just stressful! 

Thoughts on Crocs?

Only very few people can pull them off. I am not one of them. 

 Sum up New Zealand fashion in one word. 

Vanilla with a splash of rainbow (I know that’s more than one word, but we have to celebrate those who are pushing the boundaries). 

What’s something you wear that you never thought you would?

Colour! I used to only wear black, white, beige and then when I started to explore my own style, I realised I love wearing bright colours.