CANTA'S COVID-19 Series Day #2



So day two has come, and with it the stormy weather, providing a sweet excuse to stay inside and wrap up warm and cosy. Despite it being a little chilly this morning, and with the clouds threatening to spill, I headed out on another run around Hagley Park. The streets were eerily quiet, but it was so peaceful. The colours of Hagley are stunning right now; crimson reds, deep forest greens, bronze and gold, metallic leaves. Being outside helps to blow the cobwebs away. 

The few people that were out wandering about always say hello – I try and reply but the unfit struggle is real and mostly I just gasp out a hey. I ended up running 2 metres apart from a man around my Dad’s age. Competitiveness set in just as the chorus of my music hit and so I quickly overtook him. Slowing down a little further up the track, I saw his dark shape out of the corner of my eye. Speeding up a little bit more, I set a faster pace until I almost collapsed at my bike; run over, time to head home. As he ran past, I thanked him for the challenge, he replied, “You challenged me too! See you at the same time tomorrow!” And with a wave, off he sped. A sweet little human interaction.

The rest of the morning I spent huddled up in my new office aka. My room. I’m definitely enjoying the working from home vibes, with endless hot tea on offer and flatmates happy to do deliveries, I cannot complain. The afternoon has brought with it baking galore. We have banana muffins and Swedish cinnamon scrolls. I’m hoping to become an enchanting painter by the end of the lock-down, so the rest of the day will be spent in the studio aka. the dining room.


Catch u 2morrow.


Lots of love,


Sam xxx

  • New Zealand has 368 cases with one person in intensive care. This is why we have gone into lockdown – to stop the spread.
  • The Director-General of Health stated that the number of people with the disease was expected to begin levelling off in around ten days’ time, until then it is expected that the number of Covid-19 cases will rise.
  • Remember to stay in your bubble – you can go for a walk or run or bike ride outside “locally,” – Instances such as driving all the way to the other side of town to go to the beach or up into the Port Hills are not allowed.