CANTA'S covid-19 series day #6

A note
from a contributor

Hey guys whats up, cheeky wee guest post here from your gurl Mads!

As we near the end of week one, time has pretty much melted into itself and lost all meaning for me and honestly? I am  l o v i n g it. As someone who seems to waste a lot of time just thinking about the very concept of time, the way Covid-19 has put the future on hold for a small while has been an interesting and ultimately freeing experience.

I’ve set myself a goal to learn something, create something and call someone everyday, and record it all in a little notebook. I’ve found this is helping me to balance being present with being productive, while also reframing the way I think about progress and success (breaking free from the chains of capitalist constructs let’s goooo!). This is also definitely going to be an amusing account to look back on once this is all over, and I highly recommend it as a way of keeping track of your days. So far, I’ve crafted a little clay pot for my cactus, made headway on a painting that’s been stubbornly stuck on my ‘to do list’ for the past 6 months, got creative in the kitchen with my flatmates on several occasions, and caught up with friends I haven’t properly yarned with in forever. On the learning front, I’ve signed up for an online course in Te Reo Māori, discovered that gardening requires more effort and attention than I initially thought (whyyy did I make this one of my isolation projects?!), learnt that the colours teal and orange are popular in film because they best compliment skin tone, and that when you use bobby pins you are meant to put the bumpy side at the BOTTOM because this grips the clip in your hair (please tell me I wasn’t the only one doing this wrong for, like, 22 years? lol). Who says you stop learning after you graduate eh? 

This is a strange and surreal time we are living in – please keep checking in with yourself, your community and your loved ones (while obeying social distancing requirements of course!). We’re all in this together, so take care of each other out there xx




  • Global cases now pass 750,000 
  • New Zealand now has 647 confirmed cases: there are currently 14 people in hospital, and 74 recovered
  • Italy has been on lockdown for three weeks, and on Monday they had the lowest number of new cases since March 17. The lockdown, which was due to end on Friday, has been extended until Easter. While lockdown can be a frustrating and difficult time, it is absolutely essential for stopping the spread of the virus. So please, STAY AT HOME!



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