canta's covid-19 series day #5

note from the editor


A new week begins… 

As you can see we skipped a few days because of the weekend (I’m forever trying to work on the whole work-life balance thing), so I thought I’d give a little re-cap of my weekend too!

So Friday night was a bit of an adventure – ended up having to head in to After Hours (not because of any Covid-19 symptoms, just an underlying medical issue yeoow). At about 12am, doubled over in pain (another yeeeow), my saint of a flattie drove me to what seemed to be the only open After Hours in Christchurch – Pegasus Health 24hr Surgery on Madras Street (just in case you need it too). The roads were ghostly and there were strong eery end-of-world vibes as we walked into the brightly lit, but extremely empty building. At the entrance we had to hand-sanitize up as I shouted to the receptionist who appeared out of nowhere, that no, i was not coughing or feverish. A few hours later, and with no zombie sightings we made it home. 

Saturday – my flat all dressed up in monochrome colours and went for a walk through Illam Gardens (we live close to uni), and then watched a heaaap of Anne with an E (am fully emotionally invested in this TV show…definitely saying a lot for a girl who has taken two years to only get up to season four of Gilmore Girls). 

Sunday was reserved for champagne brunch (at 3am), and we all dressed up in our best fits (but thick socks and ugg boots too). Definitely recommend changing it up from the bum pant-hoodie combo to something fun for an instant mood-lifter and a bit of self-care (because baby, u only gotta look good 4 u!). The lounge quickly became a dance floor after that…stay tuned as my flat becomes the newest club in Christchurch.

After a weekend of extreme laziness, I have come to the conclusion today, that the days will either be full of movies and sleepy relaxing on the couch or super productive and full of motivation to do all the things I’ve been wanting to do. For those of you that are feeling a little too floaty and lost, and knowing it’s only day five – with three more weeks and two more days of lockdown to go (hopefully) – I’d recommend starting your days in the way in which you want to go on. Creating a sweet morning routine can provide great structure to start your days with, helping you to stay on track and not waste away the days. A lot of us currently have a lot of time on our hands and I implore you to fill your days doing all the things you keep saying you’ll do when you have time! A morning routine can be as simple as waking up, putting on a pot of coffee, doing some sweet morning stretches, making breakfast and reading a book. For me, I wake up, write and then head out for a run (usually). Take this time to build these habits!

Catch u 2morrow.

  • There are 552 confirmed cases of New Zealanders with Covid-19. 
  • 76 of these people were confirmed in the last 24 hours.
  • One person has died.
  • We continue to be on level 4 alert status, under a full lockdown. Movement remains restricted with only essential services open and essential trips allowed.
  • We must continue to only have physical contact with those in our bubble (our household).
  • Over 662,700 people have been infected globally.
  • If you have symptoms of the virus (a dry cough, fever, tiredness and sometimes difficulty breathing) – call the NZ Covid-19 Healthline 0800 358 5453 or (+64 9 358 5453 for those with International SIMs).

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