CANTA issue #10, 2017

BOY #1:

After downing some beer and grabbing some wine from the super, we made our way down to Spags. The walk gave us time to deliberate on how we will decide who is paired with who. We thought it would be better just feel the situation out. We get there slightly early, but we aren’t waiting long, however we were confused when three girls walk in and start walking towards us. Their friend quickly realised we were their date and scurried off, which just leaves the four of us. They were both stunning ladies. The conversation instantly sparked by our Spags vouchers and how it meant we were definitely not spending it all on pizza. To their surprise, we were planning on going to The Foundry after the date. This got one of the girls to explain how she hasn’t missed a single MONO the last two years. It looked like we were going to have a chill time. Having four people on the date helped as there was always someone talking, meaning we didn’t have to deal with any awkward silences. As the date came to a close, we downed our pints which didn’t go as planned as the others quickly ran to the toilet to have a quick vom. We headed to The Foundry to hopefully continue the date, but only one of the girls was there, and was a bit preoccupied with some other guys throughout the night. Seeing as she never misses MONO, maybe we will see you next time. Cheers for the date! Thanks CANTA for a good night.

BOY #2:

After being stood up on my first attempt at Lucky Dip, I must admit I was rather anxious the second time round. After waiting a short time, they both walked in with their ride down who quickly left us four to our date. They were both remarkable and I could tell that a lot of stops were pulled for this night. We could also see that one took advice from earlier Lucky Dips and was a wee bit sloshed while the other one wasn’t. Regardless of this, yarns were staring to be strung. We decided early on that we would make the most out of our couple hundy (cheers CANTA). As the night grew older and the drinks came and went, the less I remember. I do remember that going to The Foundry after was on the table. After those two bottles of wine, and downing that last pint to leave for The Foundry (then almost being the second one to vom in the Spags bathroom) we parted ways. We all agreed to meet back up later in the night, however after a few unseen events we got there later than anticipated and the moment passed. Cheers again CANTA for making this one of the better dates I’ve had this year and for all the effort you put in. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed myself that night, and a round two would be a good time.


First impressions count. However…what we spotted first at Spagalimis wasn’t the two men, but the two bottles of wine already on the table. What a treat. We introduced ourselves, but their names literally went in one ear and out the other. This lead to some awkward pauses throughout the night. Once we had both realised they weren’t our type and that we were more interested in the food and drinks than them, that’s when the wines started flowing. Two hours and nine glasses later, one of us started chanting, signalling that it was time to go and time to scull the remainder of the beers. We said our goodbyes and headed to our beloved Foundry for a groove, where they had hoped to see us later. Although not for us, if anyone is interested, I hear one of them works in a bar and may even have a love child over in Australia, and the other has about 20 slits in his eyebrows for losing a rather crude and overly confident bet  But don’t get me wrong, these boys know how to talk, so they will tell you all about it, plus some. One spread a rumour that we got together in the toilets, but he only wishes he was that lucky. All in all, it was a good night, a nice pair of guys but not for us.

Lucky Dip #3 1