CANTA Issue #8, 2017

This year the UCSA has set a target of 50% voter turnout in their Student Executive elections. At first glance it seems like they’ve set the bar pretty low? Well… maybe not. As it happens, UC already has the best turnout of any university.

For example – Students’ Association elections held in 2016:

50% voter turnout for the UCSA will be a big ask. So, let’s start by answering some basic questions:

What is the UCSA Student Exec?

The Exec is a board of 12 current UC students that govern the University of Canterbury Students’ Association (UCSA). There are different positions on the Exec, very much like the board of a large company.

Students run for specific positions on the Exec, and are voted in via the elections held each year. Don’t worry, you’ll know when the elections are on – campaign signs (of varying construction quality) will pop up all over campus!

Can I vote in the UCSA elections?

YES. If you’re enrolled as a UC student, you can vote in the UCSA elections. You’ll get sent an email with a link to the voting form. There will also be voting booths set up on campus.

Can I run for the Exec?

YES. If you’re a current UC student, you can run for a position on the Exec. The only catch is that you must be a member of the UCSA. You can check to see if you are a member when you register as a candidate – if you’re not, you can join the UCSA on the spot.

What’s in it for Exec members?

Apart from the sheer joy of giving back to your fellow students (of course …) Exec members get the opportunity to govern a $9million organisation – and most of them haven’t even got a degree yet! They get to experience the inner workings of the UCSA, as well as the university, and various other boards and committees they sit on. Then there are the connections they make in their faculties, the community, nationally, and even internationally. Not bad for the ol’ CV.