CANTA issue #13, 2017

If you thought hip-hop and country music couldn’t ever possibly work together – you were right.

Yet, there are still some out there who believe. They don’t let hip-hop’s fast and flashy style get in the way of a good ol’ country hoe-down. They’ve pushed through until the dream has finally become a reality. Just because it sounds bad, doesn’t mean you have to stop. Perseverance: it’s a lesson to all of us really.

Not all hick-hop is done the same way. Some make rap music filled with country themes, while others just straight up rap over country music. They rep Nashville just like Kendrick reps Compton, or Drake shouts out Toronto. That it’s done with a Confederacy flag in hand is the only difference.

Here are the guys doing it.

Shotgun Shane

Based in Tennessee, Shotgun Shane wears Confederacy-flag patterned denim jackets and raps lines like ‘I smoke kush and I smoke purple/I move slow-mo like a turtle’. Actually, it’s hard to pick out the best line from this song. Runners up include and “I rock my daisy dukes and my boots and I slay yo” and “I been tokin’ hazy/ I’m sippin’ on that apple pie.”

The video embodies the genre. The shots yo-yo between the hick-hoppers bouncing together in a big group and doing more traditional things like riding in a truck and wrestling in the mud.

It’s GoodKidMudCity.

Bubba Sparxxx

Self-stylised “country boy, city slick” decided to call himself Bubba Sparxxx and has been rapping about big booty and frolicking in the dirt ever since.

Sparxxx is an old hand at the country rap thing. His debut album Dark Days, Bright Nights was released in 2011, long before any of these other guys were mixing genres that have no business together.


Yelawolf is perhaps the best known hick-hopper on this list. Signed to Eminem’s Shady Records, Yelawolf has appeared all-over, even appearing on the actual hip-hop song 1 Train. Like many of the others hick-hoppers here, defence of the confederate flag is something Yelawolf is big-time into. Right after the Charleston shooting he pinpointed “yuppies from the west coast” as the conspirators trying to bring it down.

Unfortunately for him, he’s famous and liking the Confederate flag when you’re trying fit in with the hip-hop community is awkward.

Brad Paisley

All you need to know about Brad Paisley can be found in one song. Accidentally Racist was released in 2013 and is the graceful duet between himself, and LL Cool J.

We should all spare a thought for Brad – the poor bloke just wants to wear a prominent symbol of the slave era on his tee without being called a racist. Don’t we all know that the Confederate flag actually just means he likes Skynyrd?

To be fair to Brad though, he spares us from the raps. LL Cool J takes care of that, promising Brad that “if you don’t judge my gold chains/I’ll forget the iron chains.”

Them River Bank Boys

From Georgia comes Them River Bank Boys who literally drive the Confederate flag around in a pick-up truck.

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