The Future of Sex

By Ella Somers (she/her)

What does the future of sex look like in a technology-saturated world where billionaires are trying to colonise space, climate change is getting scarier by the day, and James Corden just went viral for hip thrusting in a mouse costume in public? Ella Somers looks at some sex tech trends to see what the future holds for the $30 billion industry. 

Robots, robots, robots 

There are plenty of arguments from researchers for and against the use of sex robots. But one thing both sides can agree on is that sex robots are going to be a much bigger part of the future of sex tech – technology has completely changed the sex robot environment.   

Artificial intelligence is giving people the ability to program sex robots with facial expressions and conversation. These are both able to be programmed to change as well.   

These robots aren’t cheap either, costing thousands of dollars – some retailing at $12,000 USD – and getting more expensive once AI and other customisations are added to the mix. 

Sexual health 

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of sex tech might be robots, but some of the most interesting sex trends around the future of sex tech are those around sexual health. From being able to check sperm count at home, tracking ovulation and menstrual cycles, and even providing premature ejaculation treatment, sexual health tech has come a very long way already.   

As well as that, we’re also seeing a rise in sex education technology that people are able to access in a multitude of ways thanks to the internet. 


The Medical Futurist predicts that teledildonics (virtual reality porn) will be on the rise in the future. According to Insider, the Covid-19 pandemic saw a massive increase in the use of teledildonics during 2020 – thanks to the pandemic preventing people from leaving their homes. 

Sex tech has picked up on this newfound interest and is experimenting with what does and doesn’t work in a now booming teledildonics market which is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.