CANTA issue #1, 2017

The F-word #1 2

Welcome to our column! In this space the FemSoc exec will write about all things feminist and what happens on campus here at UC.
For this first one, we thought we’d start with the most basic — and maybe also the hardest — question about feminism:

What is feminism?

Feminism questions taken-for-granted social notions that affect men, women, trans-people, gay people, intersex individuals, asexual people, racial & religious groups etc. Feminism stands for creating a more just society by critiquing existing social structures that benefit only a certain section of the society. For instance, why are the suicide rates of men so high? Why do young women fall into eating disorders more than men?

Why do we need it at UC?

At FemSoc, we believe that UC should be as equitable and safe a space as possible — and we think most people will agree with us on that. Unfortunately like on other campuses around the world, sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and other forms of oppression sometimes happen on our campus as well. We would like to open discussions on these issues rather than hush them down so that we can find solutions and work toward a better, safer campus for all.

– FemSoc

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