Remembering Ramen:
A recipe in honor of nunuk nuraini

In late January, the world lost a true icon. Thanks to her, generations of hungry students of refined palates have sought refuge in the culinary delight that is Indo Mie instant noodles. There’s nothing like them on the market. The iconic flavour is owed to Nunuk Nuraini, who worked as a flavour development manager at the cult favourite Indonesian brand for nearly 30 years. Though other flavours have been added over the years, such as Barbecue Chicken, Satay, and Hot and Spicy, one taste sensation has injured since the beginning – Mi Goreng. And, before you come at me like some ill-educated pleb, MI GORENG IS NOT THE BRAND. It is a style of Southeast Asian noodles; even Ancestral sells it. 

Nunuk has worked on countless recipes over her time with the brand, and in 1982, Mi Goreng was launched.  She has rescued many flat meals, calmed countless drunken stupors, and soothed continuous comedowns.   

In honour of Nunuk, below is a recipe to save you this Orientation…



  • Two slices of white bread 
  • 1 pack of Indo Mie noodles – pick your favourite flavour. I used Hot and Spicy 
  • 1 Egg – optional 
  • Two slices of cheese or one if you’re using plastic cheese. 
  • A hefty squirt of mayonnaise 
  • Hot sauce/mayo/ketchup to dip it into 


Get a saucepan and fill with boiling water. Bring to a boil, add your noodles and cook for 2-3 minutes. Once cooked, drain and add your flavour sachets – including those crispy little onions. Mix and set aside while you fry an egg. I’m assuming you all know how to fry an egg. Pro tip: spoon the hot oil over the top side of the egg and the yolk, you will avoid gooey, uncooked whites this way.  

Turn on the sandwich press, and place two buttered slices of white bread butter side down on the hot plate. Stack your noodles on one side and add the two slices of cheese. Place your cooked egg, and a give a good squirt of mayonnaise – I used Kewpie. Then put the second slice of bread on top. Toast for 3 minutes and serve with hot sauce, mayo, and ketchup.