Study Tips, Selfies, and Slytherin with Max Key

CANTA issue #3, 2017

Max Key

CANTA and Max had a chat about his upcoming gig in Christchurch, and you know what that means. Basically  Max Key and I, your humble CANTA Editor, are best friends now. I’d like to say we drove around in that white Lambo in matching bandanas having a yarn, but reality sees me with a head too massive for a MK style bandana and my selfie stick broke ages ago.

Yes, my snaps to MK are never opened, but I figure he just hasn’t clicked it’s me yet. Right Max? Max? Call me.

In all honesty, I expected Max to be less…. nice. Sorry to all those people who comment F**K JOHN KEY on everything. This is the wrong article for you. The reality is, he’s at uni, winding up a double degree as well as managing a growing hobby as the Kiwi Calvin Harris.

And yes, before you ask. I’m going to his gig.  Here’s Max Key’s third interview ever!

CANTA: I’ll start off with the most important stuff first: on Snapchat recently you played the Harry Potter theme on your synth, somewhat perfectly.  I kinda feel like you would be in Slytherin. Thoughts?

MAX KEY: Ohhhh, nah I’m more of a Gryfinndor guy to be honest. I’d like to share more love than hate, if you know what I mean.

C: I’m pretty sure I’m Hufflepuff.

MK: Aww man, one of them, aye?

C: So your social media profile is really gaining traction. You were trending number one for New Zealand YouTube with the release of All The Way, over 60 thousand followers on Insta, almost a million views on Paradise… do you walk around uni feeling weird about it?

MK: To be honest, not really. To me, uni is more like…I’ve almost got two personas, I guess. There’s the music side of my life, and then there’s just the uni side, the ‘get the degree done’ side of me as well. I just never let any of that stuff get to me, or let it change me. I’m just the same guy I was 3 years ago you know, so thats kinda how I like to live my life.

C: Do you reckon people respect that? I’m thinking people stare at you in lectures, or can you just slink in there?

 MK: Definitely a few years ago I used to be able to slink in, but now it’s like, yeah it’s kinda hard to not be noticed I guess. I kinda started watching a lot of lectures online as well. I guess I don’t like dealing with it a lot of the time.

C: You must have some weird interactions with people these days… what’s the weirdest?

MK: There’s lots of awkward moments, like when people want a selfie – they don’t really know what to say to you and they’re real weird. I always try to start a conversation and be nice, but there’s people that are literally like ‘Ohh, can we get a photo?’, they take it and then just walk off… I wanna meet people, I like to talk to people, you know. It’s more important that I engage with someone than just get a photo. I’ve always been of the opinion that if I meet someone famous, or someone I wanted to meet, that I’d rather have a moment with them and connect with them. I feel like that means more to me than just a photo.

C: Do people kinda say ‘HEYYYY..?’ like they recognise you but don’t know where from?

MK: It’s pretty crazy now to be honest. There’s a lot of people who straight away say, “I know who you are.” If I go into a store or somewhere that’s not in my fan group or demographic, there’s people like in their 30s or 40s and have seen my face on stuff but they don’t really follow me. They’ll usually be like, ”You look really familiar, do I know you?” I usually just say, “Nah I just have a familiar face”.

Max Key 3

C: Are you finishing up your degree?

MK: Yeah so I’ve almost finished my conjoint in Property and Commerce. I have one more semester.

C: So how do you juggle study as well as your music? What’s your advice to freshers out there who potentially want to do what you’re doing?

MK: My advice would be time management. If you’ve planned your day properly, and you allocate time in the week you can get a lot more done. It is hard and it’s stressful at times, but it’s definitely doable. You gotta be on top of everything you’re doing. When I was in first year, I worked really hard but I didn’t work effectively. I wasn’t getting bad grades in first year at all, but I’m getting way more solid results now and I’m studying less. That’s one to stress; if you’re going to study, there’s no point being there for five hours and doing jack all. You’re better to do an hour and really grind out. Turn your phone off, get in the corner of the library and just put your head down and do it. Keep on top of it all – once you fall back, five or six weeks it gets pretty tough. Don’t let it happen!

C: So we’ve rebranded CANTA this year. If you were down for it, we’d be keen for you to write a theme song for us.

MK: Um…….a theme song? awkward laughter

C: Yeah. We can pay you in things. Stuff. Freebies.

MK: long pause …. ummmm …… yeah? I can try, I guess.

C: I’m joking.

MK: Relieved laughter

C: Last question, Max. We had decent feedback on your last set here at The Foundry. When are you going to come back?

MK: I’m performing in Christchurch on the 7th April – I’ve been working my set up, making all these new mashups. I’ve been putting heaps of time into it just to give people a good time. Come and have a fresh look – despite what people might think I’m like, or anything else, you know… just come down!

CANTA has FOUR double VIP meet and greet passes to Max Key’s CHCH gig!

Snap us before THIS FRIDAY and tell us why you deserve a double pass. We’ll put you on the door and you’ll meet Maximum Key. I’m assuming that’s his full name.

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