March for Science

It is time to ‘Stand Up for Science’, Christchurch!

Saturday 22nd April – 10-11:30AM – Earth Day also coincides with the March For Science.

Geni from March For Science has extended an invite to Scientists, Science students and Science supporters to march from outside the Canterbury Museum, down Worcester Street, to Cathedral Square with them.

“The mission is to express to our community, our government and our world that we will protect Science and evidence-based research and facts.

We are also marching to support those who are being negatively affected by attacks on Science in the U.S and all over the world. We are marching to show that we support and value Science in our lives and that we will stand up to protect it”. Geni says.

“This will be a peaceful march, we will not be focusing on how we don’t all necessarily agree on everything each other stands for, but on what we do agree on: the importance of Science in our lives.

Please be aware that you may not agree with every message written on others’ signs, but we don’t have to all agree to stand united. 

People from ALL industries, communities and departments of the Sciences are welcome – this is an inclusive march”.

If you would like to volunteer for the March for Science in Christchurch email

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