CANTA issue #7, 2017

Lucky Dip #2 4


I turned up to this Lucky Dip situation bascially out of spite. My flatmates are horrendously cynical and told me it was never going to work out, and that whoever he was, I would have already seen him on Grindr.

Spoiler alert: I’m rushing to the end, but the date worked. I think it was a combination of wanting to prove my flatmates wrong (btw I hate you guys and I’m fucking moving out –I gave my notice last night) and also the fact that I actually hadn’t seen him before on Grindr. If you’re gay in Christchurch, you’d understand.

But we really clicked, and immediately planned a second date. Lol. Here’s what happened in our first. He was early. I was early. I knew. He knew. We awkwardly pointed, and arched eyebrows at each other. He wasn’t dressed for the weather. I had one thousand layers on. We ‘cheers-ed’ over a wine and quickly moved to the menu to break the ice. I had saved up an appetite all damn day for this, and definitely wasn’t holding back. We talked about absolutely everything, music, movies, study, flatting. We figured out we are walking distance from each other. Check.

He has seriously the best teeth I’ve seen on a human being. He complimented my eyes. I probably went bright red but fuck it, I kept his gaze a little longer. I offered him my coat when we left and it was cute and oversized on him. We ended up at a bar, and bumped into a couple of his friends. A great night.

I’m not going into any more details here, but we had leftover Spags for brunch the next day, and we both missed our Friday morning lectures.

I’m writing this as I’m going to our third date. Thanks CANTA, thanks Spagalimis, and no thanks to Grindr.

Lucky Dip #2 10


I moved to New Zealand in January and have found it hard to move out of my comfort zone and meet other guys. This move means a massive amount of change in my life and I guess I wasn’t focussed on romance and dating.

Ironically coming from London hasn’t helped with being able to approach strangers either. I saw him waiting outside and so I circled the block because I was so nervous. When I arrived he was there still, so I just took the plunge and said hello. Thank god it was actually him!

He was pretty damn good looking. I was expecting a really awkward date but he made the best effort to keep the conversation going and we ended up having basically the same tastes in everything. Stacks of things in common. It’s creepy actually. It’s not supposed to happen like this.

I just wanted to kiss him the entire night. This is not advisable when you’ve been eating pizza. I gave myself a pep talk in the bathroom and made sure I didn’t have any cheese in my beard.  I’m a total mess and ended up with a flat phone. Not that I cared, I could have sat there talking to him all night.

The flat phone worked in my favour in the end. We got the subtle hint to leave because we were keeping the restaurant open. Anyway, to cut a long story short, we have hung out heaps and it looks like we have a funny story to tell people how we met.

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