CANTA issue #4, 2017

Lucky Dip #2 4


Her subtle dimples when she smiled. The tempting touch of her fingertips through her wild golden hair. Not a single thing about this woman could make me look past the fact that she had turned up pissed as a chook. She swaggered into the establishment with the energy of an atomic bomb and plonked herself down in front of me with a smile that smacked me across the face.

Conversation began to flow like the torrents of the Niagara Falls but neither of us were looking for a dry experience that night. An unimaginable range of topics were discussed and debated throughout the meal and every time we thought we might be reaching some form of climax of the experience, another wave of energy would hit us like a cheeky bump in a portaloo. As the evening wore on, the bottles of wine became lighter and the plate of pizza in between us was starting to look sparse. In their place was a bond between her and I that was almost tangible. We had to continue the night together. We strolled to The Foundry in the temperate autumn air for some live music, heavily intoxicated at this stage, but potentially more so from each other’s company rather than from the wine itself. So caught up in the experience we were that my date couldn’t even remember my name.

When we arrived at The Foundry it was a hive of activity and I apologise here as the details of what occurred there are hazy. What I do know is that, in a tragic turn of fate, we lost each other in the mayhem, never to see each other again. I don’t know why you didn’t say goodbye before you left, I probably never will but I hope you don’t mind that ended up in RNR with someone else.

Lucky Dip #2 10


Pep talks and skulling back whatever alcohol was left around the flat I was finally ready to go and meet the love of my life. Upon arrival and seeing my date I was pleasantly surprised to see a nice looking boy and even more pleasantly surprised to see two bottles of wine which he had brought as unbeknowingly to me spags is a BYO. This plus $100 to spend on food and drinks left us with some difficult decisions on what to order.

The worry of running out of conversation was quickly forgotten about as we ended up talking too much and annoying the waitress with the continued deny that we were ready to order. The choice was made early on that we would continue to party after dinner… live music at The Foundry it was. After asking for a doggy bag for the rest of our food, skulling back the last of our drinks and proceeding to eat the rest of what had just been packaged up in the doggy bag we were on our way. I decided I would have to hide the remains of a bottle of wine under my top for a roadie, this bottle remains under a tree next to The Foundry for whoever wants it.

I have to apologise for leaving abruptly. However I had a top notch night and it was definitely the best blind date I have ever been on.

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