CANTA issue #3, 2017

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On a real note, the date was fine.

I feel like I dressed appropriately, I had a lit shirt on but converse’s so – casual.  As far as dates go I’ve got little to compare too but I think it went well.

I’m pretty sure the general conversation flowed. Hazy on a lot of what we talked about but I guess it was mainly about Uni/being young. (?)

I didn’t want to be rude so I was only going to have a few beers but fuck that, it definitely it made it better being low-key (high-key) drunk. Maybe not better but funner.

My date was nice. I think it made it better we were both on the same page when it came to drinking.  I think we’d enjoy a reasonable friendship after the date.  Not close or anything but I wouldn’t be angry if I saw her around. I’d be kind of interested in what she’s up to.

I wasn’t planning on getting any food but the pizza was really good. For one less drink it’s almost worth getting a small pizza. I’d probably go back. The waitress was all about it though. I saw her pouring and she gave zero fucks with her shot sizes, so I mean that was nice. We bought a bottle of Scrumpy after across the road and walked to a party.

I hadn’t smoked during dinner because I wasn’t sure what her buzz with smoking was but at this point I really didn’t care. But all good. Three durries later we made it to the party and I’m pretty sure that was the end of the date.

Overall solid night.

Lucky Dip #2 10


After discovering I was the only single girl in the flat out of 8, I jumped at the opportunity for a date and the prospects of a little post O-week action.

Turns out I was fucking nervous. Who goes on a blind date for their first ever date?? Horny people.

6 glasses of wine and a jam donut shot later I was still panicked af. But off I stumbled to Spags. I think he was cute, although that could’ve been the wine talking. But, who the fuck orders a pizza that only has mushrooms on it? Obviously a fun-gi.

We thought the easiest way to make the night less awkward was to get a small amount of food and spend $80 on drinks (this worked perfectly in my favour, because here he was thinking he was gonna get me drunk and have his way with me, but that was my plan all along).

Things escalated pretty quickly. Luckily ol Spag’s was pretty laid back so we could get a little frisky under the table – what can I say? I’m a meatlover. Some great chat and a rusty trombone later – we decided to part ways.

I followed strict instructions from the flatties that if I wanna make him my boyfriend then I mustn’t bang on the first date. (10/10 would bang tho). Cheers CANTA for my first ever date x

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