CANTA issue #12, 2017


I got to Spags to see my date sitting at the table already with a nearly finished glass of wine. YES! I haven’t slept with her before. The lesbian dating pool in Christchurch is more of a really bad kid’s paddling pool. I asked if she had been waiting long, for her to respond “no only a couple of minutes”, either she thought I was stupid or she was really thirsty.

Nevertheless, she liked to drink wine, which already ticked a box for me. She wanted to just talk but I was starving so dived right into the menu, we both came to the conclusion that seafood on pizza is just wrong and I ordered the peperoni pizza. The night was great, conversation was flowing, drinks kept coming and there was never a dull moment. Before we knew it Spags staff were closing up, the night was young and I was keen to keep going. I suggested we hit another bar in town, she wasn’t so keen and opted for an ice cream instead.

I’m not keen on ice-cream and pizza burps but she’s still cute.

We exchanged numbers and agreed we’d go on a 2nd date. As we parted our separate ways, I got home to find she had already text me and although I wanted to text back, I didn’t want to look desperate so decided to follow dating 101 rules and sleep on it. We have since been out and I’m enjoying getting to know her better.

Thanks CANTA for the awesome set up and to Spags for the pizza and wine.


I get really bad anxiety if I’m late to anything, so I’m always super early. So, when she arrived I tried to play it cool and act like I hadn’t been waiting for 15-20mins secretly shitting it that she just wouldn’t turn up, or that she already arrived saw me and left! I told her I’d only been here 5 minutes so probs looked like a right alchi with a nearly finished glass of wine!

Anyway, first impressions were great, you can tell that she had put a lot of time into her appearance, which made me feel better about how I dressed, nothing worse than being the only one to put the effort in. The conversation was a little awkward at first, I could tell she was more eager to order her food than answer my questions.

Flicking through the menu I saw seafood pizza and made a comment that I would never eat a seafood pizza…sorry but seafood on a pizza is a big no no – just seafood, NO…she totally agreed and from then on, the convo started rolling as we found out we had more and more in common. Anyway, back to food, she ordered a pepperoni pizza whilst I opted for a pasta dish…risky on a first date I know, but I love pasta – especially free pasta (thanksCANTA)!

The waiter kept the drinks coming, we actually ended up staying until closing…awks getting kicked out of a spags. She suggested carrying on elsewhere, mbut believe me I had had enough, one more drink and it would have been game over. She gave me her number…I couldn’t remember if I gave her mine so when I got home I messaged her to make sure she had…looking back I hope I didn’t come across too needy…

All in all, the date was one of the best I had been on for a long time and despite me being needy and bever so slightly drunk, she agreed to a second date! YES!

Thanks, CANTA…who da best? You da best!

Lucky Dip #3 1