CANTA issue #11, 2017


Walking into Spags, I had no idea what to expect and I won’t lie, I was a little nervous. I must’ve got there first as I couldn’t see anyone around who also looked out of their element waiting for a blind date, so I found a table with view of the front door and waited.

A few minutes later, a cute girl walked in wearing what was obviously date attire, score one for me. Making silent communication to confirm we were actually each other’s date, she came to sit down and not long after we were both far into convo with a couple drinks at our side and pizza on the way!

As far as first dates go, I have to say it was a great one, the yarns never stopped, while the wedges and pizza was perfect. Receiving a large pizza instead of a medium by mistake was also the added cherry on top of an already great date, but as the drink was drying up and the restaurant was closing up, we thought it would be time to pay the bill (thanks CANTA!) and head out to keep the date going. I was still only one drink in but the lady was thirsty so we went for a drive-in at Maccas. It was nearing the end of our date and with that I took her back to hers to drop her off, calling it a night. I definitely had fun and it was a great experience going on a blind date, but we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks CANTA for the good mems and free pizza, it was a blast 🙂


As an avid watcher of first dates with my flat, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to apply and I really love pizza as well. Dawning on my waterproof mascara and bottle of Jacobs Creek Moscato in hand, I was ready and obviously not sharing that wine.

Arriving a few minutes late, not to seem too eager was the plan and It worked as he was there and waiting. Conversation flowed I think as I’m quite talkative and hate those awkward pauses like on the Bachelor. He was quite chatty as well, which made the time fly really quickly. Subjects like uni, travel, and family as per usual came up and overall the conversation wasn’t lacking at all.

Being my organised self, I looked at the menu prior and knew exactly what I would like. We barely finished our half and half apricot chicken and cranberry pizza, and meat lovers and the margarita. There was even plenty left for breakfast tomorrow morning as well!

Thinking everything was going so smoothly the wine suddenly hit, it turned me into a rambling giggly mess of a person but at least I didn’t cry. He probably thought I was a hot mess, but was polite about the whole situation as he was driving and could only have that one beer, but on the positive note it made things interesting.

A few hours later and even a Maccas run for a frozen coke signaled the end of the blind date, as he dropped me back at my flat. Thanks to my blind date for putting up with me for the evening, and to canta & spags for the piz

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