CANTA Issue #13, 2017

Hey kid,

Congrats on making it to uni! I’m pretty fucking proud of you right now. Don’t stress about not knowing what you wanna do. I can say (with future wisdom, obviously) that no one has any idea what they wanna do and they just all kinda fumble along until they fall into something that sucks a little bit less than the last thing.

Keep your chin up. Enjoy life for what it is. There’s a lot of people. It’s going to widen your eyes something chronic and really test your view of the world. And you know what? That’s totally ok.

You’re going to go through a few friends in the next few years. It sucks, and while you might feel like raging against a wall and screaming about the unfairness of it all – it all works out in the end.

I’m happy. I have such a good group of friends and they love me and I thrive.So yes. You will meet a lot of people. And some will fade in and out and others you’ll never see again – So enjoy the time you have. Make time for people. Make time for you.

Don’t get caught up in what you “should” be doing. Don’t go to parties because your “mate” said “it’ll be a fucking rager.” Don’t stay up until one in the morning in town because your friends “aren’t tired yet.” You be you.

Those people that are worth it will follow. And for god’s sake, start your bloody assignments earlier. And don’t sit in the front row if you’re just gonna nap in class. Seriously girl — three times.

At least try and be dignified and sit in the back. I know mornings aren’t our strong suit. You work best on a schedule, so at least try to go to bed at ten each night. Amazingly, you might actually wake up refreshed…

But even though you’ll be late, still turn up to class. It’s better to miss five minutes of class than 50 minutes. Because seriously, who the fuck is going to watch it online later? Suck it up and take responsibility for your actions. If you’re late, you’re late. Just go to class. And say hi to the people in class too. Catch their eye when you go to sit down. Leave a seat — it’s weird sitting right next to people anyway — but try catch the eye of someone above/below/beside when you go to sit down(all first years are nosey buggars, so don’t worry, they’ll be looking) and just smile and say hi. Doesn’t need to be anything more.

But uni can be isolating — put yourself forward. Everyone is focused on themselves, no one is judging you. So take the plunge. Engage with people. Join the Clubs. Learn how fucking amazing you really are and what’s possible.

Take advantage of ASC (go look them up right now, go on). Your essay writing sucks. It’ll get better, but take the help. And take more daytime walks between classes.

Powernaps aren’t naps kid if they last for two hours. Keep your eyes open. You changed majors three times — you absolutely love what you’re doing now, but when you started, you didn’t even know it existed. So talk to people. Ask their majors. If you don’t understand, ask them what it’s about. If that’s too hard or awkward, google it later. But seriously. Learning doesn’t just happen in the classes.

And tell [your sister] to shove it up her arse when she tells you you’re not “doing anything worthwhile” with your degree. I’ll have you know she’s doing absolutely nothing to do with her major now, and you’ve already overtaken her qualification-wise. And if you’ve met Kelsey already in Classics – please please please get the guts to ask for her number or add her on facebook. You both changed majors and I’d love to know where she is now.

Chin up. Stay strong. You are a fucking champion.

Much love,


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