CANTA ISSUE #6, 2017

The Logía Laboratory:

This flat is the base of operations for The Logía Society. Our semi-frequent meetings and parties set the stage for our mission to bring the arts and sciences together and plot world domination. We enjoy chilling with a few brews, and studying hard whilewearing our finest lab coats and geek memorabilia. You will frequently find us engaging in practical chemistry (cooking) and biological sciences (eating) along with spirited discourses on scientific and social frontiers, politics and philosophies, with a side of science fiction for good measure

BEST FEATURES: A sunny and cosy courtyard A growing library of boardgames, films, books, and artworks.

WORST FEATURES: Our slightly neglected vege garden Remembering the best things in life are free – unlike this flat or the degree on the wall.


Andrew: 28 year old Pols and Human Services honours postgrad, club president, student rep, former professional cook and serial fermenter of schemes to achieve/ evade success…

Angle: 27 year old psych major, youth worker, and equal parts quirky and curious. Nothing can tie this free spirit down (unless you’re into that kinda thing). Loves to express creativity through writing, drawing, and putting kitchen utensils to interesting uses. Do not tell the flatmate.

Chris: 21 year old cutie. He’s a composer/code artist who delights in the intersection between the adorable, technical, and absurd. Past projects include: an unwinnable number guessing game, a suite of modernist piano works inspired by the characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and an essay exploring the relationship between programming language theory and the systemic exploitation of the working class. Single.

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