CANTA issue #7, 2017

Welcome to The Glasshouse, your typical flat of basic bitches studying Law and Commerce at UC. With five girls and one illegal bunny named Albert (purchased off UCSA noticeboard), our flat mantra is all about balance; Uni, Luxe Fitness and turning up for MONO every Thursday night. Follow us on our flat ‘gram @glasshousegirlz

The best thing about your flat: Despite pooping all over the place, Albert has definitely been the best addition to the flat, providing cuddles after failed assignments and boy troubles. He also likes to bite fuccbois.

The worst thing about your flat: Being here on a Monday night when it’s Ruby’s turn to cook dinner.

Who’s who:

Max. 20: The flat alpha, Albert’s favourite, known as the GQ in many cities

Alannah. 21: Dogs the girls, can’t go to bed without a Big Mac on a night out

Ruby. 20: Has never missed a Foundry Thursday. Regularly goes on four day benders

Becs. 20: Tinder game unreal, Taylor Swift lookalike, supplies the flat with free wine

Lucie. 20: Formerly known as Avril Lavigne, still working at Maccas after 5 years. “Did you know I’m a manager?”


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