CANTA issue #1, 2017

The first FLAT FAMOUS for 2017 has a 70s mansion in The Walking Dead kinda vibe, even with a zombie flatmate on the couch who literally didn’t move for the entire photoshoot.

The highlights for us were Lunar the flat bunny, and the second story window ledge covered in hundreds of bottle tops.

Here’s what Morgan had to say:

‘Our flat is really more of a palace in the making than a student home. We all have been thinking about how lucky we are that we get to live like kings for the next year.

Not only does our flat boast a leaky glass terrace, but it also can fit in 10 people.

The minuscule living room ensures that we will not freeze over winter, because we will all need to sit on top of each other to fit. Body heat will protect us against those harsh Christchurch winds. Of course, we have to choose between paying the rent or paying for power, and candles add ambiance to the chipped-paint walls.

The best feature of our flat is the tub, which can seat up to 4 people. Perfect for those winter bromances’.


Courtney: blonde and rambunctious, she’ll say yo ho ho to a bottle of rum every day, especially Tuesdays. She really is a Dancing Queen, as she is the current President of UCanDance 2017.

Angus: AKA The Court Jester. At nearly 10 feet tall (6’9″ ) he’s one of a kind, and keeps us laughing as he repeatedly knocks his head on the abnormally low doorways.

Morgan–  a tree hugger in the making who, after a few too many shots, often starts actually hugging the trees, and then peeing behind them.

Flat couple Kevin and S***a – the latter not wanting to be involved in the photoshoot because she has a ‘reputation to uphold’. NO GROCERY VOUCHER FOR YOU!

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Issue One: The Walking Dead 35