CANTA issue #5, 2017

‘How can you tell if someone is a vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you!’ Cue raucous laughter. Vegan, my friends, is a dirty word. A word so tainted it can stop a conversation dead in its tracks, ruin a dinner party, and violate first impressions.

Vegans are consistently mocked on the internet, with friends, and even in the media. They are the last group it is socially acceptable to freely and openly discriminate against, all for the request of ‘Mine without the sentience, plz!’

It’s easy to see why the idea of veganism can be hard to swallow. Our food culture is about sharing values of love, generosity and community and so attacking the way we eat seems to pull at the fabric of our lives in general.

But it’s about time we settle our squabbles, and start asking ourselves the real question: is my diet good for me, for the animals and people around me, or for the well-being of the planet?

VCUC is providing an awesome opportunity for debate, conversation and support, to try and answer these questions, by challenging the UC community to Meat Free May.

Maybe we’ll see that vegans and omnivores aren’t so different after all, and changing your diet isn’t quite as hard as you think!

– Trees
Issue Two: The Greasy Wok 4