CANTA issue #3, 2017

I am a UC student and I identify as a furry. Spare your jokes and lame cliches. I don’t care. Come Winter time, I will be dressing as I please, warm and comfy in my favourite suits.

If you look past the fetishised component of Furrydom, you’ll see a bespoke, artisan culture. My suits are made here in NZ, and range anywhere from $2k to $6k. I even spent my course related costs on a special add on dragon tail. I have a large network of friends, in NZ and across the world who feel the same  way I feel, and always have.
This is part of me forever. I’m proud of who I am, and I wish there was more of an accepting culture on campus so we could have our own society. Everyone else has one. There’s a Beyonce one! Why not FurSoc?

If you see me on campus, most likely dressed as a dragon, please say hello. I identify as FireFur when dressed. Ask me questions. My family know. I’m out of the fur closet. I’m happy, I’m confident, I’m handsome. I’m popular. I really am. I just like what I like. And that is being a furry dragon called FireFur.

– FireFur
Issue Two: The Greasy Wok 4