Flat Famous: The Quarry

CANTA Issue #11, 2017

Down amongst the stones you will find 8 little Quarrymen, half of whom hail from the far away land of Pukekohe.
There’s Josh “Buttery Scone” Bernasconi the pasta sauce base that holds us all together, Aidan “Water Pipe” Simmons the chess champ and herb specialist, Jake “Daxximus Tobias” Boulton who’s dysfunctional authority struggles under the sheets, and Jake “Poo Pants” Potton, who has the compassion and care of a WINZ receptionist.

We also have four imports, Taio “Ghetto Flower” Pou, Chief of the flat, leads us in morning waiata and to church on Sundays, Jorge “Brown Sugar” Jacobs, who never knows where his keys are, Edze “Dutch Oven” Bierema, controls our money and our hearts, and Jamie “Matua” McPhecees, loves a double glaze and a triple blaze, cant keep him away from glassware.

Lucky Dip #3 1