CANTA issue #2, 2017

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks at UC. Clubs Days were great fun and we are so excited about all the passionate and curious members we’ll have in FemSoc this year – we’ve already had great talks with them!

The 8th of March is another big day for us – International Women’s Day. This is a global day celebrating women’s achievements and calling for equality for all genders. It’s usually a fun and intense day, with marches, dance parties, picnics, concerts and strikes happening around the world.

A reasonable question could be, why have a women’s day but not a  men’s day? This is because women and women’s issues are generally less visible and influential in society every day – so you could say every other day is men’s day. The idea of International Women’s Day is to bring issues we don’t talk about often – but

that women from across the world face daily – to the forefront.

In FemSoc we want to celebrate International Women’s Day at UC – it’s important for us to mark this important part of feminist history. Keep an eye out for posters or our Facebook page for info closer to the day.

– Femsoc
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