By Ella Gibson (she/her)

When brainstorming article ideas for CANTAMake Your Own Issue, I was at a halt. I was lost for words which, who would have thought, is not convenient for a writer. I want to write articles for yall that are of your genuine interest and appeal and no idea was fully tickling my fancy. Then it struck like lightning: what are students infamous for making? Bongs; tobacco bongs, that is *winky face*. So, I took to the crème de la crème of harvesting data from UC students: the UCSA Noticeboard. I asked yall to enlighten me with your bong creations and by golly my DMs quickly became a hot(in)box for all things bong related. Trust me, I was not disappointed. Below are some of my favourite concoctions that got sent my way. Each bong has their own mini profile. Profiles include the bongs name, how it was made, the best thing about it and a lil quirky feature or fact about it. Prepare yourself to be acculturated, illuminated and enlightened. 

Ange Leversedge:

Name: I Was Never Given A Name (office reference). 

How I was made: I finished a fresh-mouth routine then stabbed a rushie hole into the Listerine bottle with some scissors and then stabbed another hole on the opposite side and shoved a piece of garden hose into it. I plugged up any gaps around the stem with blu tack because I dont have a wood burner to make a cleaner hole. Then I filled it with some water and away we were pulling! 

Best thing about it: It is so tiny and compact that it is so easy to move from location to location. 

Quirky lil fact: It is virtually spill proof! Out of the hundreds of times itbeen knocked over, I would say less than 10 times it has actually spilled anything. 

Jack Milne:

Name: Franken-bongaka Frank.

How I was made: Frank was made by drilling into the forehead of a crystal skull vodka bottle that was given to me by my manager. I then broke the bottle, and glued it back together.

Best thing about it: Franklil bro chilling on the top was originally a vape juice container donated by one of my mates’ little brothers. It was made the same way but without breaking.

Quirky lil fact: Frank is actually a replica of our first flats next door neighbours bong, but theirs wasnt broken and didnt have the ash catcher on top.

Tom Vincent:


How I was made: Hotshot was crafted with a drill, a diamond drill bit and patience. My flatmate and I hunched over the kitchen sink and drilled the hole with our breath held, as we were sure it would shatter, but it held true. Then the thorough search for the optimal spout began, and the cartridge of a fancy pen made perfectly, adding a little class to the whole assembly. I donated a 9mm socket from my toolkit for the cone piece and with a little bit of blue tac for structural integrity” and Hotshot was born. 

Best thing about it: Its compact versatility. It is able to do blisteringly fast cones or take on a joint as a bubbler. 

Quirky lil fact: Mouthpiece still tastes like tabasco; not for the faint of tongue. 

Bong Cosies (Anonymous):

Name: @cosy_bongs 

How I was made: I crochet bong cosies! They are super cute and protective (trust me Ive dropped mine on concrete). I started making them when I was bored, a lil stoned, and sick of breaking my glass. I make them in all shapes, colours and sizes: no two are ever alike! 

Best thing about em: All of them are little animal charms for protection! 

Quirky lil fact: The first was called Juniper the Goldfish. 


Name: Party Beug. 

How I was made: From a 20L water container, vinyl tubing, and a sink strainer for the cone piece all sourced from Bunnings. It works by filling the container up with water and turning the tap to drain it out while also lighting the buds. This creates a vacuum that sucks the smoke in while at the same time you and 5 of your mates can start hooning on it. 

Best thing about it: You can add baccy or hashish to the cone piece and the motherf**ker will keep smoking forever, even after the boys tap out. 

Quirky lil fact: One would think you would need an engineers brain to manufacture such a weapon, but I am in fact a commerce major. So, suck it virgins! 


NameKeri Orange Juice. 

How I was made: Juice bottle, a reusable straw, some aluminium cut out from a beer can and duct taped to the shape of a cone piece. 

Best thing about it: The resourcefulness and time needed to make. 

Quirky lil fact: It was my 3am last resort creation from some time this year. 


Name: The Jagerbong 

How I was made: Using 1.75L Jager bottle, hole drilled using battery drill grinding bits and a constant supply of water along with a lot of patience (3 hours of drilling with a shit drill). 

Best thing about it: The number of people it has taken down, including me. 

Quirky lil fact: Only one person has been able to successfully clear a full cone in one hit greg. The thing will sit you on your ass. 


Name: The Compensator. 

How I was madeOutta three jars, pipes, a vape juice bottle, a receipt roll and all held together with hot glue. Ive been making them at home for a while and wanted a challenge. Its less about the usefulness of it but more about the look! 

Best thing about it: It doesnt look like anything Ive seen before. 

Quirky lil fact: I dont have a drill so everything was cut with scissors and determination.