how to make a cheese toastie IN 35 EASY STEPS

By Liam Donnelly

Cheese toasties can be notoriously difficult to make and are one of the highest regarded recipes in the culinary world. 

That’s why CANTA has broken down the creation of a cheese toastie into just 35 easy steps. 


  • Cheese 
  • Bread 
  • Nondescript Table Spread 


  1. Get out bread.
  2. Get out table spread.
  3. Retrieve knife. 
  4. Open table spread. 
  5. Open loaf of bread. 
  6. Using knife, spread table spread on a piece of bread. 
  7. Repeat on second piece of bread. 
  8. Retrieve cheese. 
  9. Open cheese. 
  10. Retrieve grater. 
  11. Using downward motion, rub cheese again grater. 
  12. Repeat downward motion. 
  13. Continue to repeat downward motion until you have gained desired amount of cheese. 
  14. Put cheese on bread. 
  15. Alternatively, retrieve knife and cut thin slices of cheese. 
  16. Lay slices of cheese parallel to each other on bread. 
  17. Retrieve your other piece of bread. 
  18. Lay piece of bread on top of the other piece of bread that has cheese on it. 
  19. Retrieve toasty machine. 
  20. Plug in toasty machine. 
  21. Wait for toasty machine to get hot. 
  22. Test heat by laying your hand flat on machine. 
  23. If your hand is burnt, the machine is hot enough. 
  24. If a toasty machine is not available, use a pan. 
  25. Place pan on stove top. 
  26. Turn on stove top. 
  27. Use same hand method to check that pan is heated. 
  28. Once cooking device is heated, place cheese sandwich into device. 
  29. Cook. 
  30. Cheese toasty has finished cooking when cheese oozes out of side of bread. 
  31. Take out of cooking device. 
  32. Put cheese toasty on plate. 
  33. Cut diagonally into two triangles.  
  34. Do not cut vertically or horizontally to form rectangles, that’s lame. 
  35. Eat.