CANTA issue #8, 2017

Kia Ora peeps, hope you’ve had a great break. Keep an eye for the awesome events we are running this semester, including a live comedy night on the 31st of July. In this episode, we are answering a selected question from those received from you. Ask a Feminist.
Q: My flatmates objectify women and engage in slut-shaming and slurs against the LGBT community. How should I respond?
Very relevant question, as we all find ourselves in situations like this in our everyday life and it can be perplexing when it’s our family and/or friends. The response needs to be suited to the context and comfort level. In some situations, you perhaps do not feel comfortable to give a spontaneous lecture.

Responses like not laughing to such jokes and instead wearing a serious/ straight face (see NZ Human rights’ commission’s new video series on racism) can be particularly effective in one-to-one situations and small groups.
In other cases, a comment like “I thought these sorts of comments went out of fashion a few decades ago” might

be effective.

However, if you feel comfortable enough and are sure you have the freedom and confidence of the person/ people, then you can go on and start a discussion about it. As long as you are safe and comfortable.

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