CANTA issue #8, 2017


Being that it was supposed to be a blind date, I felt a huge amount of relief when I saw my date walk in the door. It was someone I had met before – a real good looker with a gorgeous smile. I did not know her that well but we had definitely crossed paths. I knew she was great value and that this was going to be a good time. We had significantly overlapping social circles, giving plenty to chat on.

From there we discussed all the usual, covering what wise or poor life decisions we had made to get us to this point. Possibly using an obscene amount of hand gestures, I admitted that I was off to a busy start, having already drunk a fair amount beforehand. I was again relieved to find she had taken the same approach. I had little intention of doing this sober, so I took the initiative to BYO a bottle of red.

We ended up sharing everything, splitting the food, the wine and a few additional cocktails on top. The chat was easy as we seemed to have plenty in common. Most notable was probably our mutual love of Tay Swift. I explained that I was a fan of her early stuff and not just the mainstream hits. We even got onto the topic of the wider country music scene, channelling my rural and slightly bogan youth. I am definitely most embarrassed with my decision to sing at one point. From what I believe the conversation got deeper and possibly better as time went on, however I feel that when you are that many drinks in, perception is not always reality. I did my best to read the situation, but really, I had little clue as to how I was actually doing.

The date eventually ended with us walking back to her flat before I was somehow driven home by her flatmate. I don’t remember much else but I know for sure that she was a keeper. I had a fabulous time but to me this all feels a little unfinished, so how about another date?

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As the token flat tinder queen, the gals helped set me up I the hopes I would find my one true love and stop bringing random strays back to the flat. And a true stunner of a date it was. Not only did he provide excellent chat and a bottle of
Pinot Noir, but he was picture perfect, runs marathons and is completing his masters –excellent husband material. With a few mutual friends and having seen him around before, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t already thought about

Dreams do come true girls! Splashing out on a shared Seafood Pizza and some Kumara chips the night was off to a great start, and upon learning of our mutual love for country music he even whipped out his phone and sang some live tunes for me – what a win. Unfortunately, it seemed both of us struggled to hold our alcohol having pre-loaded a fair amount and after topping up with wine and cocktails, things got a bit sloppy.

The chat quality saw a sharp decline and we somehow got on to National Party politics. No better way to dry up a gal than a bit of Bill English. However, upon bringing him back to the flat we came to the realization he was my flatmates cousin. Put a wee damper on the evening and he ended up leaving without a kiss. Still waiting to see his next move, hopefully we spontaneously bump into each other at the Foundry

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