CANTA issue #5, 2017

UC’ers, it’s that time in the semester where everything seems to get busier in the not-so-fun way and we realise how much we still have to learn before exams and essays hit. But of course, papers shouldn’t be the only way to learn while we’re at uni. That’s why FemSoc have decided to run ‘Ask a Feminist’ in our column.

It’s a simple concept: we have set up a google form and will post the link on our blog (, you fill in your question, and we’ll try to answer it.

No question is stupid here, but do please be respectful though and don’t troll – and yes, a surprising amount of people really do waste their time trolling clubs like us.

So, give us your questions, concerns and queries about feminism or sexism. Did you experience a sexist incident or comment and don’t know how to respond? Are you still wondering who Kate Sheppard is? Do you want to know what feminism has to say about gender quotas in work places? Then Ask a Feminist.

– Femsoc

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