CANTA issue #4, 2017

Canta is the perfect platform to speak our minds, let everyone know our opinions, and most importantly, VENT. So I’d like to take the time in this short column to rant about how much it kills me that food on campus costs an arm and a leg.

How is it that uni culture emphasises the constant #struggle of being poor, yet unless I like rice or noodles I find myself pushing through the pain of my stomach digesting itself!?

I’m sick and tired of the fact that we have so much expensive food on campus with only post grads to

devour it, ‘cos I sure as heck ain’t spending $5.00 on a sandwich when I could get a whole pizza for that much! Where da cheap food options at? Does my student levy not give me some sort of subsidy on food?

Also, what’s up with the fact we have a restaurant on campus serving cla$$y food and drinks when not many (if ANY) can afford a place to chill as high end as The Shilling Club?

These are all Q’s I gotta get answered ASAP because I need that high calorie intake.
Yours sincerely,
Issue Two: The Greasy Wok 4