CANTA issue #4, 2017

You wouldn’t discriminate, would you? You know better than to be racist, or be sexist, or be homophobic. Yeah sure you have the odd friend that hates Asians, or thinks women are sexual objects for men, but you know not to put up with their shit, and to put them in their place. Cause you’re better than that. Are you?

You might say the odd ‘that’s gay’, or justify a guy flashing his family jewels around campus as a laugh. You’re just joking though, you don’t really mean it. Anyone would be stupid to think you were being serious. Serious or not, saying things along these lines is casual discrimination. No amount of laughing or kidding can justify the fact that you’ve discriminated an entire race, an entire sexuality, or an entire gender.

Sure, this could be find around your mates, you’re having a laugh after all! But consider the people you don’t know: the friends of friends, the bystanders, the people you’re unknowingly making uncomfortable or discriminating—they all become deterred by the insults and salacious comments you make.

If you really feel the need to discriminate for the sake of making your friends laugh, or to make yourself feel better, just realise that your discrimination could very well discriminate you from any potential opportunities in networking, career

and study advancement, or anything else you’re interested in.
This country is smaller than you think, and the cities and communities more so. You never know who might just discriminate you.

– Robert
Issue Two: The Greasy Wok 4