CANTA issue #3, 2017

The F-word #1 2

After celebrating International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, we asked our members in FemSoc why they think it’s an important day.

Here’s some of what they said: ‘It reminds us to stop and think and look at things like the gender pay gap which remind us that our society is still rife with sexism’ – it’s easy to almost forget everyday occurring sexism because it’s ‘normal’ to us, so having occasions that make us notice it again is hugely important.

‘An excuse to wear my favourite red dress’ – although feminism believes that no one should need excuses to wear exactly what they want, this is still an especially good day to do this, and this year, we wore red in solidarity with the worldwide ‘Day without a woman’.

‘To celebrate how far we’ve come, and to consider what we can do to improve’ – and we should celebrate how far we’ve come, and remember to keep moving.

So, International Women’s Day is a time to put on your favourite empowering clothes and celebrate the achievements of past feminists, while taking seriously our responsibility as feminists of the present.

– Femsoc
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